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Select Swords is renown around the world for producing top quality swords and tactical knives for use in martial arts, and collecting. With over 20 years of experience in various martial arts and Japanese swordsman ship, we strive to carry on the traditions and offer our knowledge to help create a personal piece of honor.

Our swords have been seen & used in action films and TV series, as well as documentaries and Dojos.

You can find our swords in use at martial art schools, in private collections, used by re-enactors, and displayed in offices and homes world wide. Currently law enforcement and the military are using our new line of D2 tactical knives.

Our swords are made according to the craft and design of the Japanese weapons. 

Our specialization and true passion at Select Swords lies in producing swords and knifes, using high quality modern steels and traditional steel of Tamahagane, Forge folded, T10, and 1060.  We focus on capturing the fine traditional details of the Japanese sword. Explore our website to discover the full range of our sword collection and details about the blades.

To all countries
We mark all shipments as "gifts". You will be responsible for any taxes or duties on your shipment. We have no way of knowing those charges. Please check your country's local laws at a postal website for your country to make sure our replica swords are allowed to ship. In the rare event that a sword is sent back to us because swords are not allowed into your country, we will refund the price of the sword less the shipping charge as soon as it arrives back to us in the United States. If your country does not allow swords into your country, you do risk the package being seized and we cannot refund any monies since it is your responsibility to check your laws first. Please make sure the age limit of ordering swords in your country. In the U.S.A., it is 18 and older. 

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