Antique Unokubi zukuri wakizashi 

 This wakizashi is made in unokubi zukuri geometry. The term unokubi literally means 'neck of the Cormorant' which refers to the tapering of the monouchi (area from the tip to around 15 cm downwards the blade; the point of impact) while leaving the kissaki shape intact. Blades with an unokubi zukuri sugata often also feature bo-hi which is a short carved groove. 
This geometry was initially designed to lighten the blade of a naginata while keeping most functionality intact.  

Sugata: Unokubi-zukuri based on hira-zukuri, shallo koshi-zori, with bo-hi. The Nakago is ubu and mumei (unsigned) in a Funa gata shape (ship bottom) with 3 mekugi ana. Looks to be Koto era (1500s) With a straight temper hamon (suguha). The Tsuka has a full wrap stingray with large nodes and black silk ito over menuki of a dragon and man with oxen. The fuchi is copper with blackened foil overlaid and kashira in lacquered horn. The plain thick iron tsuba and scalloped seppa nd a nice wide designed silver foiled habaki. The black lacquered saya with kozuka pocket.

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