Antique O-suriage wakizashi with horimono

Very interesting wakizashi that has been cut down long ago and re-fitted with 3 mekugi-ana holes. The nakago has a nice dark patina on the nakago with original horimono of a sanskrit bonji for Fudô-Myôô. And what appear to be the remains of gomabashi, Goma or Homa in sanskrit means "to burn". Hashi means "chopsticks". These double narrow grooves with rounded ends are symbolic of chopsticks used during Goma- a deeply spiritual Buddhist ceremony. It is hard to determine its age, the temper is in Ito-suguha (thin narrow string). The sword is housed in a saya with crushed sea shells suspended in lacquer and abalone shell inlay in kozuka pocket. The tsuka is wrapped in black silk in hineri-maki style over nice gold highlighter flower cart menuki. The fuchi motif is also done in a nunome highlighted floral them with bugs, while the kashira is crashing waves with gold mist. The tachi shaped tsuba is signed with theme of mountains and waves and clouds on reverse with gold highlights. The habaki is copper with gold wash and scalloped seppa. 

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