Shoshin Series -"Beginner's mind" 1060 Japanese Swords

1060 Steel Katana are popular among the sword making community as it is a general purpose steel. The blade of the sword has been constructed from 1060 carbon steel and has been heat treated to harden the whole blade. This medium carbon steel is a basic entry level sword and suitable for light to medium cutting.

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          The Shoshin 1060 katana is the perfect choice for beginners and students of the Japanese swordsmanship.

This Katana offers great quality at a reasonable price. Featuring our forged and polished 1060 carbon steel blade, designed for optimal balance and handling. This sword is a more traditional alternative to the many zinc aluminum alloy blades available. Our steel blades have been designed from the ground up, to offer perfect balance for regular Iaido & Kenjutsu use. The sword comes equipped with a black matte hardwood saya, silk sageo/ito, alloy fittings, genuine same' (rayskin) and silk wrapped tsuka (handle). The Katana is well assembled and the ito wrapping is tight and even. Each sword is individually handmade so specifications may vary slightly.

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$20.00 S&H anywhere in the con US

Purchase for domestic shipping addresses only.

International buyers, please contact for quote 

Blade length: 27.5" (measured from Munemachi)
Handle length: 10.5" 

Blade: Shinogi-zukuri shape
Weight (without Scabbard): 2.3lbs

1060 Carbon Steel, Through hardened with bo-hi

Black finish metal fittings

Matte black saya with sageo

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