Setsudan -"Cutting" Series - Batto Swords

The Setsudan katana is of classic style, form and function. Our katana's have been at the forefront of providing economical yet functional swords to the martial arts community. This line is the first choice for cutting practitioners of all levels looking for a no-frills no-nonsense performance oriented sword. 

The Setsudan's 5160 Carbon Steel blade is heat treated and makes for a high degree of toughness and resilience. In addition to improving the properties for a tough blade steel that will withstand abusive applications, hold an edge well and sharpen easily. 

5160 is essentially a simple spring steel with chromium added for hardness. Often used for swords (hardened in the low 50s Rc) because of its toughness, and is also used for hard use knives and tomahawks (hardened up near the 60s Rc).


Swords made from spring steel have a reputation for durability – though like any blade they are not indestructible – and while rare, they can be broken or damaged. 

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5160 tempered sping steel katana 

The forged 5160 spring steel features a through hardened tempered blade for the rigors of cutting. The sword mounting is finished in a traditional Buke-Zukuri style theme. The tsuka (handle) has genuine blackened stingray skin wrapped in hineri maki style (diamond) of synthetic silk with correct cross over. The mokko shaped tsuba is done in a sukashi open worked style. The menuki are of coiling dragons whereas the fuchi & kashira feature a higo style with filigree motif. Housed in a matte black lacquered saya with sageo cord. The blade has a nice sori (curve) and crisp geometry with a real geometric yokote. You will get the best of both appearance and functionality with the 5160 Setsudan. 

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