Kunitada Series - Forge folded Hadori Polished Sword

 Forge Folded Differential Hardening Polished Sword

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Our Kunitada sword line from Select Swords are made of forged hammer folded steel and differential hardening with a stone hadori polished finish on the hamon.

 This sword is named Kunitada after the Japanese sword smith. The Local government arranged the famous sword smiths of China to go to Japan for a cultural and learning exchange of ancient sword making. While in Omuta City in Fukuoka prefecture of Japan they learned about traditional Japanese sword making and polishing technique. The techniques used produce a sword with visible grain pattern like traditional Japanese swords and comes from folding the steel repeatedly in different directions during forging. The tempering process also gives the blade it's beautiful hamon (temper line). The blade is mounted with a wood core handle with antiqued brass floral fittings (fuchi/kashira). The brown faux silk handle wrapping (ito) is done in proper Hineri-maki (diamond style) over ornaments (menuki) of Shi-shi (Lion dog) on top of real stingray skin. The brass floral mokko style hand guard (tsuba) to accent the theme design. The sheath (saya) is finished in a lacquer speckled (ishime) finish with buffalo horn fittings and a nice woven shigeuchi style sageo cord on the sheath.

Tempered hamon patterns and folded layers will vary slightly from blade to blade as they are hand made.

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Sword Description

Kunitada Forge Folded Collection

Our experienced smiths have created this alternative to the higher cost traditional tamahagane sword blade.

Due to heavy costs in creating Tamahagane and it's restricted availability make the base costs of producing traditional Japanese swords much more expensive than simply using a flat bar of modern steel.

With strict adherence to the traditional process of Japanese swords of old. We start with mixed steel pieces to stack and forge weld into a single billet then fold numerous times to create a layered pattern steel. Originally the ancient ways of folding of the steel, which produces the wonderful patterns of swirls and layers in a traditional Japanese blade. This started out as a way to homogenize the content of the metal and removing unwanted impurities so that it was of even strength and durability throughout.

A careful heat treating, shaping and polishing reveals the tight "Hada" or layer pattern of the blade and the white particles of the "Hamon" or temper line.

While this process results in the aesthetic qualities much admired by collectors it also produces a very functional blade. These are the best-in-class collector-grade swords.

Click gallery below for detail pictures

Sword type                         Katana shinken (sharp)

Steel harding                     Clay Tempered

Steel type                           Medium & high Carbon

Bo-hi                                   None

Sori (curvature)                 1 inch

Tsuba                                  Mokko gata 

Fuchi / kashira                  Floral motif

Mekugi (bamboo pin)        1

Tsuka-ito                            Brown synthetic silk

Koiguchi / koijiri                Buffalo horn

Overall length                    41"

Nagasa length                   27 7/8" - 28"

Motohaba                           32.5 mm

Sakihaba                            23.5 mm

Motokasane                       5.5 mm

Sakikasane                        4.5 mm

Tsuka length                      10 1/2"

Saya type                           Black Kuro- ishime 

Sageo cord                        Black/brown thick woven

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