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Our friends at Iron Mountain Armory offer a full line of authentic, handmade reproduction Japanese Samurai Armor (Yori or Armour), Samurai helmets (Kabuto), clothing, weapons and accessories from the world-renowned foundry of the Iron Mountain Armory. They have been the leading online retailer of authentically crafted Samurai Armor since 2001.


We have partnered to create exclusive and unique quality products in sharing our passion for the Samurai and Japanese culture.  Please click the image to visit there quality products.

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The knowledgeable people over at Ohio Kimono are known for their professional service. Ohio Kimono was founded in 2009 and travels all over the USA selling authentic Japanese kimono. Much to our delight they recently launched an online kimono store where you can browse for real kimono 24/7.

Their selection of kimono is vast and suitable for all genders and ages. From formal Japanese attire, to more casual they have a large inventory all of which is ready to wear. 

If you are looking for authentic kimono, check these guys out.

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Our friends at Texas Steel Props and Replicas strive to offer not only the best movie quality replicas but also those props, weapons and costumes as how you see them in your mind, from small alterations to large overhauls. Best known for there renowned Highlander related swords both screen accurate cast and replica. As well other movie and comic related props and one of a kind collector grade items. We have partnered together to create some one a kind limited edition swords, Were fantasy meets reality.

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Point Gallery was founded by Sal D'Aquila and has been making authentic recreations of Highlander Series (TM) Swords for more than 15 years. These swords are built in the U.S. using our selected blades and sayas, tsubas are custom made to original specs and kevlar/carbon fiber fully reinforced handles. Only the highest quality materials and carbon steel blades are used throughout. No corners have been cut in the building of these swords. They are authentic reproductions of the original prop, with a much higher level of fit and finish than a prop sword.

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